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Susan Muscovitch from 'Canada' wrote on 03.06.2013
The Humberghaus museum has a special place in my heart. It is the former home of my mother Ruth's grandparents. Her father was Ernst Humberg (far left in the family photo).

In 2012 my mother and I had the honour of attending the official opening of Humberghaus. It was a very moving amd meaningful trip as we met and spoke with countless friends and neighbours who had helped Humberg family members escape Nazi persecution.

The dedication of the Dingden Heimatverein in developing this project is phenomenal, and the significance of this museum lies within the exhibits and educational programs, designed to convey how integrated and well-liked this singular Jewish family was within the greater community.

Visiting Dingden for the opening of Humberghaus with my mother was a highlight of my life, one that I will never forget.
Robin from 'Münster' wrote on 13.03.2013
Die Seite ist sehr gelungen..

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