the Heimatverein
The Heimatverein Dingden e.V. at the Humberghaus

The Heimatverein Dingden e.V.

The sponsor of the Humberg House Historical Site project is the Heimatverein Dingden e.V.

Since its foundation in 1976, the Historical Society has researched the past of Dingden and the surrounding region. Its members, drawn from all generations, are effectively concerned with civic involvement.

The Society's activities have multiplied over the decades:

-          the publishing of historical contributions and books on the history of Dingden, including the illustrated book, “Our Dingden”, with over 500 old pictorial documents up until around 1950, as well as the “Dingden Monograph Series”

-          the renovation and design of the Local History Museum

-          the organisation of events, including the Dingden Carnival (1982 - 2007), as well as the Harvest Festival every five years and the Threshing Festival

-          the foundation of a traditional dance and costume group

-          the annual organisation of special exhibitions in spring and autumn for local artists and collectors

-          sponsoring the “Humberg House Historical Site, Dingden” project, on the history of the Jewish Humberg family from Dingden


Today, the Society has over 600 members of all ages.

When you stay in Dingden, it's worthwhile visiting the Local History Museum. The Local History Museum is located in the former Humberg family stables and house, just a few yards from the Humberg House Historical Site. The permanent exhibition here has historical furniture and furnishings, textiles and traditional costumes, craftsmen’s tools and farming equipment, as well as documents and writings from the Dingden area displayed over three floors. Another feature is the geological collection of Dingden illite.

You can find out more information on the Society's activities on the website:

The Local History Society organises regular tours of the Humberg House. You can find out more information here